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Share Your Experience

How and why to contribute a review for a CBD store…

Sharing your experiences (both positive and negative) about CBD stores and specific CBD oil options not only contributes to the UK CBD community but also lets the providers know what customers really think about their products. Here’s why and how you can share your review on CBD Ratings:

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Why Share Your Review?

Community Insights: Your first-hand experiences, and the feedback you share here, provides your fellow CBD customers with honest, transparent, and sometimes hard-to-find information about UK CBD products.

Product Improvement: It’s not just other customers who benefit from your reviews – CBD manufacturers and retailers use this feedback to improve their products and services.

Voice Your Opinion: Writing about your experiences with CBD stores and oil/product options gives you a platform to voice your opinions, shaping the future of the UK CBD market.

How to Share Your Review:

  • Click on the CBD supplier you wish to leave a review about.
  • Scroll past the supplier information and down to the review section.
  • At the top of this section, you’ll find the button “+Add your review”.
  • Fill out as many sections of the review form as you wish (the more, the better). The areas covered are “Quality of Products”, “Customer Service”, “Website Experience”, “Product Selection”, “Pricing and Value”, and “Shipping and Delivery”.
  • Please add a “- out of 5 star” rating and at least 50 characters for each section (about one sentence).
  • Once your review has been submitted, it will be sent to one of the site moderators, who will check to make sure that it is a real-customer review before publishing.
  • Thank you so much for contributing to the CBD Ratings community. Your feedback is massively appreciated by us, the wider CBD community, and the CBD suppliers!

Understanding the Aggregate Ranking System:

When you leave a review, you will be asked to rate each section of the business out of 5 stars. Our aggregate ranking system then takes those ratings and creates an overall ranking for each supplier, with 5 stars being the highest possible score.

This rating reflects the full scope of the particular business, including product quality, customer service, website experience, and more. So be sure to leave ratings for all the sections you can to give an accurate representation of your experience with the supplier. If you haven’t had experience with a specific part of the business – maybe you have never visited the website or dealt with customer service – then feel free to leave that section blank.

The aggregate score for each supplier is displayed on the homepage to let UK CBD consumers quickly see the overall ratings for each supplier before diving into the individual reviews. So, let your voice be heard and help others make informed decisions about their CBD purchases.